The First Three Years

by Hooked On Christ

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    The complete discography of recorded output for our first three years as a band. Originally released on tape in November 2015.

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The complete discography of recorded output for our first three years as a band. Originally released on tape in November 2015.


released November 25, 2015




Hooked On Christ Smethwick, UK

Two man fastcore from Bearwood, West Midlands, featuring members of Property Damage and Fuck Right Off

Greig - Vocals/Guitar
Hill - Drums/Vocals

Upcoming shows:

25/08/17 - House Show, Leeds

26/08/17 - Blotto Studios, Birmingham

27/08/17 - Criterion Free House, Leicester
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Track Name: Vermin
Labelled as vermin
for doing what they need to do
living a natural existence
killing for food


Boils down to capitalism
livestock loss is money loss

It's clear to me who the real vermin are
Track Name: Binary
Off or on, black or white
maintaining a world of shite

No compromise
no common goal

Track Name: Selfish Fucks
Only think about yourself
can't see further than your own nose
only caring about you and yours
what's in it for you?

Selfish fucks

You want equality
but you don't want to pay for it
more interested in what you will lose
than actually giving a shit
Track Name: Glass
Glass half full or half empty?
the fucker is smashed on the fucking floor

Want to be optimistic
everything's going to be OK

It will all turn to shit
Track Name: Barrel
More and more compassionate people
seemingly just giving up the fight
rolling over, accepting
and being spoonfed shite

It might not ever change
but that attitude ensures it won't
it's like shooting fish in a barrel

It's too easy for those in charge
people keep themselves beaten down
a population ensconced in apathy
they don't even need to fucking try
Track Name: Straight Outta Crumpton
Money is short, thirst is great
there's a company that'll see you right

Could buy gold and enjoy the brew
but that's too dear and just won't do

Frosty Jacks
Kingstone Press
Crumpton Oaks

Aston Manor, the kingpins of cheap piss
Track Name: Drudgery
Drudgery, time passes so slow
misery, plenty more on the horizon

It's hard to believe
i've only endured twelve years of this shite
parole nowhere to be seen
no foreseeable way out of this plight

Working myself into the grave
to line some cunt's pockets who i hate
drudgerous existence until the end
Track Name: Jesus Died For Our Kindling
The word of god up in flames
what a fucking shame
the holy book up in smoke
Jesus didn't die in vain

The only thing bibles are good for is lighting fires

Holding blind faith over rationality?
What a fucking farce
Track Name: K Crew
All life's problems disolve away
when I drink another can of K
sup that bevvy, like liquid crack
just 3 more and I'm on my back

Neck it down when I'm feeling blue
can't hide our love for this hobo brew

We are the K crew
Track Name: Bloodstained Banner
To some the Union Jack is a symbol of pride
to me it's a symbol of centuries worth of genocide
pillaging, enslavement, murder and rape
an empire built upon greed and hate

You may not be a fascist for waving the flag
but there's still no reason to brag
about your beloved red, white and blue
don't let a bloodstained banner define you
Track Name: Blast Beats And Fake Meats
Blasting some beats and eating fake meats
counterfeit food stuffs are all I need

Blast beats and fake meats

I'm not fussed about food imitating meat
but i am fussed about fucking song speed
Track Name: Blank Stare
I find it hard to feign interest
that doesn't mean I don't give a shit

I wish i could fit in
to convey to you that I care
but it's easier to ignore
easier to portray a blank stare
Track Name: Questionable
Always being told what to do with my life
have some kids, find a wife

Try to live a life
that hasn't been lived before
don't do all the same things
strive for something more

Subscribing to the all the same shit
you've become a fucking bore
Track Name: Happiness
I don't want to fuck
I just want to make love

My body wants me to spread my seed
I just want to be happy
Track Name: Billbored
Billboards everywhere vying for our eyes
when's the world going to realise?
that you don't need to buy the shit they advertise
you don't need to believe their fucking lies

Buying land
it's getting out of hand
making the whole world an advert
people need to subvert
Track Name: Burnt Crumpets And Spilt K
Burnt crumpets and spilt K
nothing seems to be going my way
burnt crumpets and spilt K
swindled by fate, completely dismayed
Track Name: What's The Problem?
You market your product that I don't even want to use
as being a solution to a problem that doesn't exist

What's the problem?
Get fucked with your unneeded solutions
Track Name: Pride In Suffering
Proud of your meat, how do you sleep?
Knowing that it's borne out of pain and suffering

The hunter-gatherer has long since fucked off
to be replaced by a greedy fuck
Track Name: Living Dead
Going somewhere you don't want to go
to do something you don't want to do

How did existence come to this?
Is it really worth bothering with?
Track Name: Breathing In Shit
Disgusting air all around
unfit for consumption
gasping for oxygen
but I get a lung full of shit

Shortness of breath
asthma hits
need some air
but only get complete and utter shit

Breathing in shit
Track Name: (Soy) Milk Of Human Kindness
Compassion and kindess
only limited to humans

Outraged by people eating horses and dogs
how is that different from eating a cow?

The milk of human kindness has gone sour
Track Name: Down The Drain
Is it a stronger or a weaker man
that would have fucked himself off by now?

To put up with the pain
or throw it all down the drain
Track Name: Ensconced
We're not given the freedom
to actually think and to properly feel
by this ridiculous existence
that surely can't be fucking real

Massively ensconced in despair and anxiety
Track Name: Bearwood Fastcore
We'll reduce The Abbey to the ground
like The Thimblemill and Samba Lounge

Bearwood fastcore

Drinking bare Aston Manor goods
in Lightwoods or up Warley Woods

The only fast band in town
Liquor Bins has the cheapest Crumpton around

Sandwell mandem, Brum's a bore
we're Bearwood fastcore
Track Name: Bitterness
Precious time and energy
spent on hate and jealousy

Your bitterness precedes your greed

Brought up to be competitive
to fear instead of to embrace

What are you so bitter about?

We could work for prosperity
but you'd rather exude negativity
Track Name: Divide
Divide and conquer tactics
still work as well now
as they did a hundred years ago

Sack off the infighting and bickering
and focus on the real enemy
work together against the hate
for the good of humanity
Track Name: Maintain
A system has been built up
where it's easier to maintain the status quo
rather than to dismantle it
too apathetic to change things

Eventually it will need to change
when our resources start to run out

Man's stubbornness will last 'til the end
Track Name: Acceptance
Why the fuck does this still exist?

Accepting that those born into privilege
are more deserving and important than you
buying into an archaic tradition
keeping in place an infinite rule

Respect is a two way street
you will never hold sway over me

Nothing more than a sycophantic fuck
Track Name: TxBx
Copious amounts of tea
not just cider for this tea belly

Drinking tea upon the stage
bag violence
Track Name: Critic
Make up your own mind
actual research, try stuff yourself
why put more weight
in their opinion than your own?

No reason to trust
your absurd logic and false claims
critic arsehole
your words mean fuck all to me